Individual Authentication

Secure Wifi Networks with RADIUS

With the increasing spread of WLANs in corporate networks, RADIUS is taking on a whole new significance. RADIUS stands for Remote Authentication Dial In User Service and is a network protocol for user authentication. In the past it was mainly interesting for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), but it fulfils three main functions

  • Authenticate users or devices before they gain access to a network
  • Authorization of these users or devices for specific network services
  • Tracking of access to these services
Cloud Security Services

Glueck & Kanja RADIUSaaS

Glueck & Kanja offers RADIUSaaS specifically for Modern Workplace customers to enable Azure AD authenticated access to Wifi networks without on-site RADIUSaaS components. During the onboarding process, Glueck & Kanja provides the customer with two IP addresses and a shared secret. With this procedure we ensure that each customer can only use his own instance of Glueck & Kanja RADIUSaaS. The customer then has to configure these IP addresses together with the shared secret on his wireless LAN gateways for authentication purposes (RADIUS server). This forwards a client to RADIUSaaS for authentication when the client attempts to connect to the wireless LAN.

Wifi Client

Microsoft Intune Certificate

The authentication on the RADIUSaaS is established by verifying a certificate assigned by Intune to the customer's tenant. In other words, any machine managed by Intune within the customer tenant can access the customer's wireless LAN. This authentication service can be enhanced with the SCEPman module. With the SCEPman module, the customer is not limited to the Intune certificates, but can use its own certificates.

Intune Certificate


RADIUSaaS is offered in all Azure hemispheres.

  • Seamless authentication in wireless LAN ('built-in')
  • Machine level authentication (before user authentication), which is very important in Cloud-only scenarios.
  • No problems with certificate management
  • Available without additional RADIUS devices for almost all on-site access point hardware.
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RADIUSaaS Architecture

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